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Posted January 3, 2019 by Unterron in Featured

8Ball & MJG Drop Live Album “Classic Pimpin”

Memphis Legend 8 Ball and MGJ drop their live album called “Classic Pimpin“. The legend is starting out the new year with another classic album. However, you may hear these track before but these are the hit records for 8Ball and MJG performed live. Tracklist for “Classic Pimpin” is listed below.

Classic Pimpin” tracks will have you remembering the good old days.

Please listen to the live performance below and let us know how your feel.

  1. 9mm (Live)
  2. Comin out Hard (Live)
  3. Don’t Want Drama (Live)
  4. Lay It Down (Live)
  5. Life Goes on (Live) featuring Gas
  6. Mr. Bigg (Live) featuring Cheeto Gambine
  7. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend (Live) featuring Joi
  8. Paid Dues (Live) featuring Ebony Love
  9. Pimp Hard (Live)
  10. Relax & Take Notes (Live)
  11. Space Age Pimpin’ (Live)
  12. Take a Picture (Bonus Track)




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